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"I have known Darren Charles professionally for 17 years. He first worked for me as a dancer on Notre Dame De Paris in London, West End. He is one of the best dancers of his generation and was in great demand at the time he worked with me.

I employed Darren as a Choreographer and Assistant Director in the show 'Butterflies' in China. With his help we had the most fantastic critics in a most difficult market.

In 2011 I asked Darren to work with me as Assistant Director and Choreographer for Cavalia (Odysseo) the biggest touring show in the world under the white big top touring North America.

Darren took the position of Resident Artistic Director of the show. Not only did he maintain the show but he took it to another level with his casting of new artists that then gave the show new dimensions.

Darren as an artist is one of the best I ever worked with. As a Choreographer he is versatile and can always produce something exciting to please both Director and audience."

Wayne Fowkes
Director - Cavalia's Odysseo

"Darren and I have been part of the creation of Odysseo since 2011. I was the Logistics Director for the biggest touring show in the world and it was very pleasant to know that Darren would always be there to help at anytime with logistics and the setup of the show. And with this knowledge he not only fulfilled the artistic side but also the technical side of the production.

In 2015 I became the Tour Manager for the show and had to work closely with Darren. His leadership and dedication to keep continuity of the professional performances played a big part in the success of Odysseo touring North America. Darren is versatile and knows how to react in any artistic situation onstage, backstage and front of house."

Benoit Fontaine
Tour Manager - Cavalia’s Odysseo

"As a veteran of the live entertainment industry worldwide I have a keen eye for talent and I can appreciate the high level of skills and experience that Darren Charles can offer to any professional company.

Through my role as tour manager of Cirque Du Soleil and Odysseo by Cavalia I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Darren Charles. I witnessed his considerable talent as an artistic director, choreographer and artistic company manager.

Having worked with some of the most sought after individuals in the international entertainment industry I know Darren can deliver and would consider him to be among the industries elite choreographers and artistic directors."

Nicolas Zlicaric
Tour Director/Producer/Entertainments Manager

“Darren Charles has been associated with Bodywork International Cambridge for many years. Darren has worked for me as a dancer, Choreographer and Director on worldwide contracts and for production shows.During his successful career Darren has taught, nurtured and trained many students preparing them for professional work in the dance world. Darren was also Artistic Director and head of the contemporary department at Bodywork. He directed the Grads diploma touring dance company. He acted as a mentor for students enabling them to secure professional work in all dance disciplines. Darren is an engaging and energetic Artistic Director Choeographer with great creativity and empathy towards his fellow artists . ”

Theresa Kerr
Bodywork International Cambridge

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